Picture of the day: Snow White arrested

Picture of the day: Snow White arrested


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My example:

¡No, en absoluto! ¡Niego que haya comido a los siete enanitos!

No, absolutely not! I deny that I have eaten the seven dwarves!


alt text

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Does it need a personal "a"? - 0074b507, MAR 12, 2010
Niego que me haya comido a los siete enanitos. - Mokay, MAR 12, 2010
oh, that personal "a"! :)) thanks, Mokay - Issabela, MAR 12, 2010
"Siete," not "sietes." - tennismom, MAR 12, 2010
jajajaj buenísimo!! - Benz, MAR 12, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

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Fue detenida en Filadelfia ayer, porque lleva la palabra "nieve" en su nombre.

She was arrested in Philadelphia yesterday because she has the word "snow" in her name. wink

"Snow" is the least popular word in this city and in the northeast section of the country. LOL LOL

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posted by Nicole-B
porque lleva la palabra "nieve" en su nombre. - Mokay, MAR 12, 2010
You can say that again, Nicole... winter is back for good here in Poland :((((( - Issabela, MAR 12, 2010
I've got "miles" to walk today and I'm afraid to look out of my bedroom's window! - Issabela, MAR 12, 2010
What??? Hasn't it all melted yet? Ours has!!!:) - Yeser007, MAR 12, 2010
Gracias Mokay. - Nicole-B, MAR 12, 2010
It's snowing in Poland too? When will spring finally be here? - Nicole-B, MAR 12, 2010
It snowed in NM yesterday and we still have frozen drifts - nizhoni1, MAR 12, 2010
You got my vote for making me laugh out loud. I carry mail in Virginia and I was so happy to see rain today instead of snow. - alba3, MAR 12, 2010
My daughter goes to school in Virginia. It has been worse there. I feel bad for you. - Nicole-B, MAR 13, 2010
I didn't think it snowed in NM. I thought the weather was fairly warm all year. - Nicole-B, MAR 13, 2010
The forecasters say: "It's snowing. And it will continue snowing". How optimistic. - Issabela, MAR 14, 2010
Right now it's pouring rain in most of New Hampshire. Thank God!! - Yeser007, MAR 14, 2010

Basta con estos moscosos! No puedo soportar ni una fotografía más!

Enough of these little snot nosed kids! I can't stand even one photo more!

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estos mocosos, soportar. - Mokay, MAR 12, 2010
Thanks Mokay :) - 002262dd, MAR 12, 2010
más - 00494d19, MAR 12, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, es a la cárcel de ira la cárcel tú te vas. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to jail you go.

It sort of loses something in translation.

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...A la cárcel tú te vas... - Benz, MAR 12, 2010
Thanks Benz, it even sounds better. - Yeser007, MAR 12, 2010

I wish they would arrest the snow for real... I'm sick of the cold in Spain, It's almost in Spring and still -3 at night!!

Desearía que arrestaran a la nieve de verdad... Estoy cansado del frío en España, ¡estamos casi en primavera y todavia con -3 grados por la noche!

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it's almost spring...or spring's almost here and it's still -3 degrees... - alba3, MAR 12, 2010
thx alba :) - Zizoun, MAR 13, 2010

Cuando grité atontado, estuve diciendo del enono

When i shouted oi dopey, i was talking to the dwarf

updated MAR 12, 2010
posted by Gez
Cuando grité, "Tontín" estuve hablando al enanito. When I shouted, "Dopey" I... - alba3, MAR 12, 2010
:D - pintor, MAR 12, 2010

A beautiful tale without a happy ending

Un hermoso cuento sin un final feliz

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happy ending - nizhoni1, MAR 12, 2010

Debido a su canto incesante de la canción "Es un mundo pequeño",

Snow White fue escoltado fuera de Disney World.

Because of her incessant singing of the song “It’s a small world”,

Blancanieves was escorted out of Disney World.

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Corregid mi español, por favor...¡Gracias! - Rolest, MAR 12, 2010
Snow White = Blanca Nieves or Blancanieves - alba3, MAR 12, 2010
I believe because it is a "Proper Name", i.e. the name of a person (Snow White), it should not be translated. - Rolest, MAR 12, 2010
Blancanieves, Cenicienta, Bella, Pinocho, etc are exceptions Rolest... :) - Benz, MAR 12, 2010
Thanks alba3, and thanks...again...Benz. Spanish is not an easy language to learn! - Rolest, MAR 12, 2010
My favorite exception is the guy who painted the Cistine Chapel, in English we call him Michael ANgelo, translating his first name but not his last, whereas the Spanish translate both: Miguel Angel :) - Morethan3words, MAR 14, 2010

¡Ya te he dicho, esas manzanas tóxicas no son mías!

I already told you, those poison apples aren't mine!

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Ya te dijé... - alba3, MAR 12, 2010
"Ya te he dicho" is correct, "ya te dije" (without accent)... both are ok - Benz, MAR 12, 2010
ésas is an pronoun esas =demonstrative adjective... those apples - 0074b507, MAR 12, 2010
aaargh...accents are driving me nuts...dije...thanks, Benz - alba3, MAR 12, 2010

Juro que yo no supe los billetes de paseo donde falsifican.

I swear I didn't know the ride tickets where counterfeit.

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posted by 0063492c
no supe que... fueron falsificado. were;not where? - 0074b507, MAR 12, 2010

"Silbe mientras trabaja . . ."

"Whistle while you work . . ."

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posted by 008f2974

Cuando era arrestado, Blancanieves sonrió y dijo: esto es sólo una publicidad gratis para mi siete enanitos burdel!

When she was arrested, Snow White smiled and said: this is just free publicity for my seven dwarfs brothel!

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posted by Lady_Chii
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