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ir+a+infinitive? please?



updated MAR 11, 2010
posted by lutz1313

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That would be the informal future tense.

Some form of the verb- IR (to go) followed by a, followed by some infinitive verb form.

Ir plus A is litterally "going to".

Por ejemplo:

Voy a leer. I am going to read.

Vas a comer. You are going to eat.

Va a nacer hoy. He is going to be born today.

Vamos a tomar café. We are going to drink coffee. (Or...LETS drink coffee)

Van a escuchar. they are going to listen.

updated MAR 12, 2010
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posted by Goyo
Mostlly correct. This is not the present progressive. Present progressive indicates ongoing action: Estoy leyendo. I'm reading. - tennismom, MAR 11, 2010
Oh darn! It's the informal future. Thanks for your correction! At least i got the Spanish grammar right! :) - Goyo, MAR 11, 2010
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