How do you wish someone a "Happy Easter" in Spanish

How do you wish someone a "Happy Easter" in Spanish


Someone in our office said Happy Easter was "Feliz dia de conejo," but we think he is pulling our leg. Conejo means rabbit. Easter is Pasqua. We'd just like to know how to say "Happy Easter."

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In México ( and the rest of Latin America) it is not custumary to say " Happy Easter". It is a religious celebration, attending church masses, observe Lent and there are school holidays that last actually 2 weeks still in 2016. The word "Pascua" is used for several celebrations in the Christian religions, " Domingo de Pascua"'is for Easter Sunday. But since it is used also for Christmas ( December 25th) Epiphany or the Adoration of the Three Wise Men ( January 6th) and Pentecost ( the day the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus disciples, 50 days after the resurrection) I would strongly disagree with the translation of "Felices Pascuas" for Happy Easter. I have heard that expression in Christmas, people in Ecuador and Argentina use it around that time, likely many more South Americans use it.

Recently I called a relative in Mexico who wished me and my family " Felíz FIN DE SEMANA SANTA" which I would translate as Happy Easter Weekend, since the culmination of Easter is Easter Sunday.

"Felíz día de Conejo" is a complete absurdity, perhaps invented by people who are of Latinamerican descent and grew up in The United States, clearly with Catholic background and are confused with the religion and language. Nowhere in Latin America rabbits and eggs are link to Easter.

In conclusion, it is not customary to say Happy Easter in Spanish, if you insist, say Felíz SEMANA SANTA. But if you think on the events, the word "happy"'to commemorate someone's brutal assesination does not make sense. That is what many Mexicans who live in Mexico have told me. I agree.

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I agree. In Spain nobody will say you "feliz semana santa" it is a expiation not a celebration time - 000a35ff, MAR 27, 2016
Welcome to SpanishDict. This is a very old thread from 2008, but thanks for the information. - rac1, MAR 27, 2016

My husband refers to it as Feliz dia de conejo too.

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You can say
Feliz Pascua
Felices Pascuas

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