Please, can somebody translate these emails for me?


1) hola como estas gracias por esponder yo tengo hermanos mayores tengo 3 y yo soy la ultima la menor de todos y gracias por el saludo si deseas visitar mi pais estas invitado y no se q mas desea saver de mi ai le envio unas fotos mias y donde estan sus papas ere hijo unico q estudiastes yo tambien soy una persona cariñosa y humilde con buen sentimiento cuidate mucho si bye.

2) hola buno ai veces pasan cosas en la vida q hay mujeres q desean la riqueza y no la felicidad buno yo estoy sola por q me fue mal en mi relacion esta con una persona q si tenia dinero pero era una persona q lq gusta humillar a las persona una persona sin valor me entiendes ami lo q me importa es q sea humilde no me importa sus riquezaslo que yo te preugntaba de donde estan tus papas

3) gracias si esta bin tu español si me gustaria aprender el ingles pero como trabajo se me hace unpoco dificil estudiar pero si tu me ayudas a aprenderlo y yo tambien te enseño el español a lo que quiero decir con humilde es decir sencillo con decir cariñoso es una persona romantica me entiends ahora no me respondistes ami pregunta donde viven tus papas

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yo tengo hermanos mayores tengo 3 y yo soy la ultima la menor de todos

This can be read as "I have three older siblings (brothers and sisters) and not necessarily brothers.

"la menor" can mean "I am the last and the youngest" or "I am the last and the smallest (in size)."

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I'm just learning, mostly conversation. This is my first translation...It's interesting how email compresses words and runs sentences together.

1)Hi, how are you? Thanks for responding. I have older brothers, I have three and I am the last, youngest of all. And thanks for the greeting. If you'd like to visit my country you're welcome (invited) and I don't know what more you'd like to know about me. I am sending you some photos of mine and also where you parents are. You're a great (one of a kind) kid who studies (hard). I too am a kind and humble person with good sentiments. Take care, bye.

2)Hi, Well, there are time when things happen in one's life..there are women who desire richness and not happiness. I am alone because things went badly in my relationship, (this) with a person who had money but was a person who liked to humiliate people, a person without worth. Please understand me, what matters to me is to be humble, your wealth doesn't matter, that I asked you where your parents were.

3)Thanks, yes your Spanish is good and yes I'd like to learn English, however work makes it a little difficult for me to study but if you help me to learn it, and I also teach you Spanish to which I want to say with humility, that is to say simply, with kindness is that you're a romantic person, please understand me now, don't respond to my question of where your parents live.

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