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Botar: synonym for perder or tirar?


Ok so botar is to bounce. I assume it can always be used to mean bounce. Boto, botas. I bounce, you bounce.

Here is the sentence: Por no tener ganas de botar mi dinero. For there is no desire to (lose, throw away) my money.

Is this a direct synonym that can be used like "Perdí el libro" = "Boté el libro"? Gracias.

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botar, tirar, not used in Spain - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010

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I've also heard it used in this phrase "se le botó la canica" = "He lost the marble" = He lost his marbles. = He went crazy

wordreference.com also says it can mean "perder" or "echar fuera"

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Yes, for sure it is used that way in Venezuela. In Venezuela "botar" would mean "to throw away", "to throw out", "to kick (someone) out".

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So would boté el libro mean I lost the book or I threw away the book? ;) - jeezzle, MAR 9, 2010

tirar to thow away

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