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A question about using conocer


Can I say:

La chica no conoce su mamá.

or would I have to say:

La chica no conoce a su mamá.

I'm never sure when I need to put "personal a" in front of a person! Sometimes it's used, and sometimes it's not.

updated MAR 13, 2010
posted by thaibean06

2 Answers


You should put "a" before a person any time that it is the direct object of a verb, or in other words, when the verb is done to a person.

I invite your mom. ...I invite who? Your mom! -direct object

I called Juan. ....I called who? Juan! -direct object

I woke up Ana. ....I woke up who? Ana! -direct object


Invito a tu mamá,

Llamé a Juan.

Desperté a Ana.

In your case, "su mamá" is the direct object of "conocer" so you would definitely need "a". smile

updated MAR 13, 2010
edited by Luciente
posted by Luciente
** you also need "personal a's" in front of places - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAR 9, 2010

I think you would include the a.

updated MAR 9, 2010
posted by xoxsarasxox
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