¿Come se dice "trainwreck" en español?


¿Come se dice "train wreck" en español?

I am having trouble finding an assured definition of "train wreck" in the dictionary.

is "accidente de tren" the most comment way to say this?

updated MAR 9, 2010
posted by Neago

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Hi Neago,

Were you wanting to know the literal translation or the translation of the colloquial expression/metaphor?

If you are speaking about the commonly used metaphor that often means something along the lines of "a complete mess" or "total disaster," I think that you might be able to get a similar meaning by saying one of the following:

• un desastre total

• un lío tremendo

There may be a similar colloquial expression in Spanish, but I am not aware of it if there is.

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Good point. I should have made that clear. In a way, I was thinking about both. Between you and Benz I'm all set. Thank you!
Contexto!! Es tan importante el contexto para una traducción correcta...

"accidente de trenes" or "accidente ferroviario"

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