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How do you get much more than 60k learning points?


I noticed that there are 60 lessons. This will only give me close to 60k learning points. There are also flashcards where I can earn some more points but how do you get 200 or 300K in learning points? I don't get additional points for doing a lesson or vocabulary twice or 3 times.

updated MAR 6, 2010
posted by hardworker

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Hi hardworker,

While gaining 200 or 300 thousand learning points may give you some sense of personal satisfaction, it does not compare with the satisfaction that accompanies actually learning the information that is presented on the flashcards....It may actually benefit you more to periodically review flashcards sets that you have already completed in order to solidify this information in your mind than to go chasing after the meaningless tokens that the points represent.

It is possible to garner a large number of points by completing sets created by other users; however, the downside of this is that many of these sets are often not only redundant but riddled with errors as well, and unless you are already somewhat familiar with the word in question or unless you take the time to actually cross-check each of the definitions with the dictionary (which is very time-consuming) you will be left with the possibility of reinforcing this misinformation in your own mind.

It might be more beneficial to your own learning process to create your own flashcard sets from which to practice off of or to stick to using only those sets that have been created by some of the more reliable sources such as Heidita or Ian-Francis among others. If you do decide to pursue using user created flashcards, I would just advise you to make sure that you verify the accuracy of the words that you are not familiar with.

If the only thing that you are after is points, however, you can easily gain 200,000 points in a single week by using the user created flashcards with about 35-40 hours worth of effort (taking into consideration a point gain of 5000 - 6000 points per hour is quite possible to attain).

updated MAR 6, 2010
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posted by Izanoni1
I don't agree about the examples for reliable sources. There are 3. Together with Queen Heidi and Ian Hill, Izanoni1 is another perfect example. - Fidalgo, MAR 6, 2010

You said it yourself, with flashcards, many people keep doing them as new ones are created smile

There are few that have 2M of points but for that you need to stay with us for a long long time ^^

updated MAR 6, 2010
posted by Zizoun

HI hardworker, welcome to the forumgrin

yes, we have two who have 2M learning points, but that is almost impossible to achieve, ask Ian and Billywink

Flashcards did it for them, they did ALL of them!! LOL

updated MAR 6, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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