Are there any lessons on hotels?


I'm reading a chapter on hotel terms ;people who work in them, how to make reservations, etc. I would like to know of any interactive learning resources for hotels.

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Where were you when Paralee was asking for theme suggestions for lessons? grin

I don't recall any specific video lessons on hotels, but we do have a few vocabulary lists that have the word Hotel in their title.

sample Vocabulary list - at the HOTEL

Why don't you create a list of your own after trying ours?

Or post the ones that you have and ask for additions. Are you looking for vocabulary: los botones, la criada, mostrador de la recepción, el ascensor, et. al. or phrases: May I have more towels for my room, How do I dial out of the hotel?, Do you take credit cards, etc.?

There are many sites online like this one, but they are not interactive like our vocabulary lists are.

Teminos de la Industria hotelería


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