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Which Flashcard Did You Like?


Hola SpanishDictians!!

I've been trying to find some flash cards in the 'EASY' category and I think the list does not show ALL ... could be because most of our personal flash-cards are kinda unlisted.

Can you please give me some flashcards from your favs ... or some cards that you really really liked ... have you come across a really good, concise and helpful flashcard that you'd like to share ...

From my side, check this one out .. it's a really good one to learn about numbers: Numbers

Thanks in advance.

Also, here is a thread to accumulate our 'short-cut methods' to remember the difficult words.

someone, (if you can), please moderate ... {Heidita, if you moderate, I'm going to get you 2 chocolate ice-creams}

And also, you might like to report any erroneous flashcard that you've encountered. I'm sure users visiting this thread will take a notice of it.

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jeje, this needs no moderation,;) - 00494d19, MAR 4, 2010

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This is not a post about a flashcard I like, more about something I have noticed.

Lately I have seen many flashcards with huge mistakes in it. And then I am very surprised to see that more then 100 people have it as their favorite.

For example a flashcard about numbers:

100 = Ciento ??? and 21, 22, 23, ... = veinteuno, veintedos, veintetres,...?

Is there any way that we can report those wrong flashcards that are listed in the "Popular Flashcard Sets" ?

Not that it's such a huge problem, but many people will go to a popular set to learn some vocabulary, and ofcourse... they will learn it wrong.

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posted by Alrisaera
I've noticed a few flashcards have mistakes too, I'd be happy to point out the ones I've noticed if we're given some way to. - --Jen--, MAR 11, 2010

My all time favourite is this one:


I had loads of fun coming up with ridiculous ways to remember them all XD. I have an entire document titled 'Funny ways to remember body parts in Spanish'. For example: Las nalgas - nasty gas comes from here :D (Buttocks).

Yes, I'm three. downer

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posted by --Jen--
hehehe, as long you can remember the words and have a good laugh... :P - Alrisaera, MAR 11, 2010
hey, thx a lot. I wanted to start a thread on that. please [check](http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/130509/share-your-mnemonics) - Partho, MAR 11, 2010

Alrisaera has created some really really good FlashCards.

worth checking out those

Thanks a lot, Alrisaera !!

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posted by Partho
Lol thanks Partho :P I'll have some more very very soon. Hope they helped you a lot ;) - Alrisaera, MAR 11, 2010
yep. they surely did, and doing as well. mucho gracias :) - Partho, MAR 11, 2010
Thanks!!! I just went through your list Alrisaera, and will definitely be using them! - lorad, MAR 14, 2010

My all time favourite is this set, which Paralee created for me onlygrin

My very small students loved it, they cannot read so the colour was essentialwink That's why it has naranja and not anaranjado, jeje


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jejeje !! - Partho, MAR 4, 2010
Even I liked it very much, and I'm sure your 'small students' would score more than me :) ... any other flashcard that you'd recommend to them? [those should work for me] - Partho, MAR 4, 2010

Hey Folks,

One more lovely set of sets here

Thanks to mgimma smile

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posted by Partho
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