What is the difference between "levantas" and "despiertas"?

What is the difference between "levantas" and "despiertas"?


Good morning! I have two separate questions I have to answer. One asks, "At what time do you [levantas]?" and the other "At what time do you [despiertas]?"

Do they both not mean "to wake up" or am I missing something? They are asked in the context of my daily schedule. Is there enough of a difference that they ask me twice?

Thanks in advance~

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despertarse=wake up

levantarse=get up

If I wake up at 6:00 a.m., have breakfast in bed (made by the cook, delivered by the maid), read the morning newspaper (brought by my butler), write a few letters (mailed by my personal secretary) and then "get up" at 8:00', they are at different hours of the morning. I've got to hurry, my tee-off time is at 9:00 a.m.

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Levantar means to lift or raise so when you get up out of bed you are lifting yourself out of bed so you would say for instance, Me levanto a las nueve, I get up at nine, and if you want the bus to stop for you, levantas la mano, hold your hand up.

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levantas is to life despiertas is to awake

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