What is Timbal de Res?

What is Timbal de Res?


Looking at a menu, "jugosas esalopas de res con jitomate al orégano, queso manchego y salsa pimienta. Acompañado de papas y verduras cocidas." Could it be a meatloaf?

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by lmfrantz

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I don't think it's a meatloaf, although I can't tell you exactly what it is... I don't know if there is an equivalent in English.

To my knowledge, a "timbal" is a "mound" or a little "mountain" of something - such as a "timbal de arroz".

You are correct that "res" is beef. This sounds like it's scalloped beef served with potatoes and veggies. It really sounds good, and I am getting hungry!

If it were a meatloaf, the recipe would call for "carne molida" or "carne picada", wouldn't you think?

updated MAR 2, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123

Res is venison or deer I believe - so you have here some juicy venison scallops with tomato, oregano, manchego cheese and pepper sauce with a side of fries and cooked veggies - Mmmm..

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by cabaretera
Res is beef, not venison. - CalvoViejo, MAR 1, 2010
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