Formal table setting in spanish

Formal table setting in spanish


I have a diagram of a formal table setting that I would like to add all the spanish names for the items on the table such as: dinner fork; salad fork; desert spoon; fish fork; etc.


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posted by foxluv

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Here are some of the terms from "The Firefly Spanish/English Visual Dictionary:"

tenedor de mesa = dinner fork

tenedor de pescado = fish fork

tenedor de ensalada = salad fork

tenedor de postre = dessert fork

cuchillo de mesa = table knife

cuchillo de carne = steak knife

cuchillo de queso = cheese knife

cuchillo de pescado = fish knife

cuchillo de postre = dessert knife

cuchillo de mantequilla = butter knife

cuchara de mesa = table spoon (not the measuring spoon)

cuchara de postre = dessert spoon

cuchara de sopa = soup spoon

cuchara de té = tea spoon (the long handled kind for iced tea)

cuchara de café = coffee spoon

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This is great Lisbeth but can you continue on? Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, linen...gracias! - foxluv, MAR 1, 2010
There's also the fork that one uses for snails and lobster (but is not a fish fork) and a demitasse spoon and ... - samdie, MAR 1, 2010
Silly me, you are all the same person so of course I accept you-all. - foxluv, MAR 2, 2010
Well, I've been accused of having multiple personalities.... Glad this helped. I learned a few new terms too! - LaBurra, MAR 2, 2010

Vajilla y servicio de mesa = Dinnerware

tacita de café = demitasse

taza = cup

jarra para café = coffee mug

jarrita de leche = creamer

azucarero = sugar bowl

saltero = salt shaker

pimentero = pepper shaker

salsera = gravy boat

mantequera = butter dish

plato sopero = soup bowl

plato llano = dinner plate

plato de ensalada = salad plate

platito para el pan = bread and butter plate

fuente de servir = platter

sopera = soup tureen

tetera = teapot

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Please keep in mind that I pulled these out of a dictionary and there may be regional variations. - LaBurra, MAR 2, 2010

Cristalería = Glassware

copa para vino blanco = white wine glass

copa para vino de Borgoña = burgandy glass

copa de agua = water goblet

copa de flauta = champagne flute

vaso largo = highball glass

vaso corto = old-fashioned glass

jarra de cerveza = beer mug

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posted by LaBurra

I cannot choose who to accept since all of you have been such a great help. I have learned a lot with all the answers. One thing not mentioned but I found on my own is the linen napkin, servilleta and mantel for the tablecloth. Now that I can write the names of all the things in the picture, I will try to to use my vocabulary of placement to express to the left, right, next to, near, etc.

Gracias again!

updated MAR 2, 2010
posted by foxluv
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