Please translate "road getting twistier and steeper"

Please translate "road getting twistier and steeper"


I've decided to take the plunge and translate the entries in my photo blog into Spanish - wish me luck wink I'm stuck on one of the entries, I want to translate:

"After an hour of driving with the road getting twistier and steeper I arrived at my destination".

My attempt so far is: "Después de una hora de conducir cuando las carreteras ... llegué a mi destinario".

I can't find the translation for the construction "get + adjective" in the dictionary, all I can find are examples like mejorar for get better and enojarse for get angry. I've found retorcer for to twist and empinado for steep, but I can't get any further!

I future I will write the English entries in such a way that I can translate them more easily wink

Thanks in advance for your help!

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by Richard-Thomas

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In this context, I find "it was getting" a lot easier to translate when one substitutes "getting" with "becoming":

llegó a ser más retorcido y escarpado (o empinado) - it was becoming twistier and steeper.

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by peterpierre2
Muchas gracias, eso es perfecto :-) - Richard-Thomas, MAR 1, 2010
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