Funny ways you remember things...

Funny ways you remember things...


I had trouble remembering that shoes - los zapatos - ended in 'tos', so I thought, well, toes go at the end of shoes, so tos should go at the end of zapatos LOL and since I thought that I had no trouble remembering how los zapatos should end...

So my question to you is: what strange ways do you have of remembering words/grammar etc? grin

updated SEP 8, 2010
posted by --Jen--

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I always had trouble remembering the word cuchara but it made me think about a song called "La cucaracha". when I told that to my boy, he had to laugh so hard and I found out what cucaracha actually was... I never forgot the word cuchara anymore grin

updated AGO 26, 2010
posted by Alrisaera
Ja! Imagine going to Spain and saying, "You've forgotten to give me a cockroach for my soup!" :D - --Jen--, MAR 1, 2010
Haha :D I would love to see the face of that waiter :P - Alrisaera, MAR 1, 2010
Me too! If I ever go to Spain, I'm going to do something like that... Maybe - 'there's a cockroach on the floor!' Ha! - --Jen--, MAR 1, 2010

I remember cocinar because of cocin which sounds like kitchen. btu yea

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by kweezy93
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