Old Knife found


My brother found an old knife. Etched on is :

Las Mejeres Mexicana son Las que yo mas Quiero Hasta me
Escurren Las Babas como al Cantaro pulquero. I did find out that the word pulque is a drink of some kind I was hoping someone could comfirm what this means.

updated JUL 30, 2010
posted by Suzin

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I have the best translation ever!!jejeje

Mexican women are the ones I love best
They make me drool like a pulque jug does.

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posted by 00494d19
I think this is it.

Pulque is the oldest alcoholic drink in Mexico. There is a pulqueria in every corner in Mexico City. Pulque is made from the agua dulce extracted from the maguey and fermented in huge tinacos. It is then flavor with any imaginable flavor, from fruit flavors to garlic and hot pepper's. Pulquerias usualy have a private room/entrance for the ladies. It is supposed to be very rich in nutrients making it a favorite drink for older and pregnat women. I particularly only like the original flavor. Watch out one glass can make you tipsy...

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hahaha there is not a pulqueria in every corner
O M G...Please do not get drunk on any alcoholic beverage if you are pregnant!!! No!!!!

You guys have to try with the pulque !

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posted by MariaAlaniz
You don't need "with" in your sentence...


(De or. nahua).

  1. m. Ec. y Méx. Bebida alcohólica, blanca y espesa, del altiplano de México, que se obtiene haciendo fermentar el aguamiel o jugo extraído del maguey con el acocote.

You were quite right with the drink, I didn't know this word.

The best Mexican women are the ones I like, they even drink the dribbles of my mouth like they do with the pulquero jar.

Let's see if I can think of a better translation.

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