What is difference between "querer" y "amar"?


Need to know, the difference between "te quiero" and "te amo" because, in English both can be interpreted as "I love you" Am I wrong?

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Amar es más sentimental, más profundo, normalmente sólo se usa con personas.

Querer vale tanto para personas como para cosas.

Ejemplos: Juan, te quiero. (Juan puede ser un amigo, mi padre,etc.) Juan, te amo. (Juan es mi novio o mi marido)

Quiero un regalo. (amo los regalos NO es posible, en este caso se utiliza: me gustan los regalos)

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Querer can be used to express love to friends, but it doesn't carry any heavy feelings.

Example: Yo quiero mucho a mis amigas/ I love my friends (female friends)

Querer also means to want. Example: Yo quiero comer una manzana/ I want to eat and apple.

Amar means to love in english, and it gathers all feelings toward someone or something.

Example: Yo amo a mi esposa/ I love my wife

Hope I explained everything and made spanish seem more appealing to you. It's a fabulous language and my mother tongue, which I'm proudly a speaker of.

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Querer es condenarse sin saber, arriesgarlo todo, algo que no puedes pretender.

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Condenarse? Did you mean to use that word?

querer= to love, or to want

amar= to love with pasion,

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