"Cual es la diferencia entre mayor y edad "

"Cual es la diferencia entre mayor y edad "


Soy yo mas mucho mayor o edad para bebe vodka? Am I too old to drink Vodka? tongue laugh

updated FEB 28, 2010
edited by renaerules
posted by ray76
i need to know which is the best word to use ,Edad or mayor,that is all - ray76, FEB 27, 2010
I just fixed a little spelling for you! Why is this thread offensive? - renaerules, FEB 27, 2010
Thank you for being so kind, my question was serious , resulting from a request for travel insurance and being told I had a 100% premium impost and not to drink alcohol.l - ray76, FEB 28, 2010

2 Answers


"Ya soy mayor de edad para beber vodka" "Ya tengo la mayoría de edad para beber..."

Indeed we aren't here to "judge", just to solve questions about Spanish-English! wink

updated FEB 27, 2010
posted by AntMexico

You're never too old to drink vodka. I'm drinking some right now, now I wonder who flagged this harmless question?

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by jeezzle
Maybe they think they are too old and want to drink vodka - nizhoni1, FEB 28, 2010
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