i know it's not the right place but... earthquake in chile


right now i am here. last night at 3:41 am there was a 9.1 earthquake in chile. the epicenter was not in the place where i am, but rather some 50 miles south. the whole middle of the country... i am in the middle though.

many places collapsed; the water and electricity and gas are shut down in different areas, and i just got electricity back in the place where i am. i also have water.

the news are not that bad but not that good either... and it's hard waiting for news as landlines are mostly dead and cell phones are dead too... so far i've heard of some friends deaths, and some friend's relatives. my direct family is ok but badly shaken, and my oldest brother was in the city where it hit the hardest (in the city where i am it hit as hard as 6.9/7.0)

if anyone hears anything please know that there are (so far) not so many deaths, and that things are sort of stable... the aftershocks or 'replicas' of the earthquake are as hard as 6.2 right now, and they come in waves every 45 minutes or so... it's hard, but we'll make it.

hope everyone is safe and sound!


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posted by zenejero

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Zenejero, por fin alguien de ahí!!

Espero que toda tu familia esté bien y que encontremos a todos los amigos bien.

I am really sorry for the loss of your friends, that is a great shockconfused

With your permission, I am closing this thread and I will add a link to this thread to the first thread opened this morning. I will add your text to the body of the thread, so that everybody can read about this first hand.

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Hola zee... Lamento lo ocurrido, el dolor, las pérdidas... ojalá pudiéramos hacer algo desde donde cada uno está para ayudarte a sobrellevar esto. Claro que saldrán adelante... el pueblo chileno es muy luchador...


Hay un hilo sobre esto: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/128711/terremoto-en-chile-esperemos-que-todos-los-amigos-esten-bien


Saludos desde Argentina!

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Qué bueno haber tenido noticias de alguien que se encuentra allá... :)