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My 1st post about the verb Ser


Hello everyone! grin This is my 1st question

I'm a beginner and I have a tendency to translate a spanish sentence word for word.

I am just a little confuse if which of these 2 sentences are correct.

a. "Soy capitan" or b. "Soy un capitan"

In my own understanding the first sentence is "I'm captain" and the second is "I'm a captain". So which of them is correct.

Thank you for reading my post.

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by 009ee30f

1 Answer


The first. The reason is because in Spanish when you talk about something that you do, it's like something that you are. Soy Jeezzle, Soy estudiante de español.

No soy maestro, soy estudiante.

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by jeezzle
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