Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish and Portuguese


How mutually intelligible are Spanish and Portuguese? Can a Spanish-speaker understand a Portuguese speaker? And vice-versa? Any native Spanish speakers able to help me out with this question?

Portuguese seems to be more intricate than Spanish, but then again I really don't know.

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Both are languages that came out of roman language.

"The truth is that "latin america" refers to the countries of the american continent where the official language is a latin language (also said "romance language") that means a language coming from latin (roman language).

But the definition of the latin languages wrong. It is pretty much easy to list the main romance languages (the ones widely spoken, with an official status) : Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Catalan. Some other are spoken only by a few people, as a traditional language..."

I am a native Spanish speaker with poor Spanish writing abilities. Some words i can understand and some others i can not. I have some Portuguese friends and he can understand some of what i say.

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Wikipedia tiene una entrada de portugués. Es my interestante. Wikipedia has an entry on Portuguese. It is interesting.

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