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Which Two are right a or b


2.) In my dining room I clean the table and set the table.

a.) En mi comedor yo limpio la mesa y puse la mesa.

b.) En mi comedor puedo limpiar la mesa y poner la mesa.

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En mi casa, yo limpio el comedor y pongo la mesa.

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or both in simple past - 0074b507, FEB 26, 2010
Based on the English, both verbs should be in the present. However, it is the table (not the dining room) that is being cleaned. - samdie, FEB 26, 2010

completely off topic

"clean the table" in English may not mean "clean" per se, but remove the dishes, food not eaten, place settings, wash the table,etc. after the meal is finished. (clear the table).

I think "recoger la mesa" is also a meaning for "clean the table".

After all, if your dining room table has a tablecloth on it, then it doesn't need washing before setting the table (arreglar la mesa). And you normally clean the table after the meal. You don't leave it dirty until you're ready for the next meal and then clean it.

el servicio de la mesa (vajilla) alt text

arreglar la mesa alt text

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Couldn't find a picture of a table with a tablecloth? - samdie, FEB 26, 2010

En mi comedor limpio y puse la mesa

It's better if you don't repeat the word table in the same sentence.

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You're mixing tenses in an odd way. - samdie, FEB 26, 2010

HI Hansen, what exactly is the question?

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