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how would you said , I like you

updated FEB 25, 2010
posted by sherry56

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The suggestion of "me gustas" is not a good idea unless you have the hots for that person. Yes, it means that kind of like.

In Spanish, to say you really like so-and-so you use "caer bien" which literally means "to fall well."

"Ese señor me cae bien" is the way to say, "I really like that guy."

"Me caes bien"- "I like you."

updated FEB 25, 2010
posted by Goyo
Estoy de acuerdo. - jeezzle, FEB 25, 2010
Totalmente! - Benz, FEB 25, 2010

te quiero, is like I want you.

me gustas, is i like you.

me encantas, is i love you.

te adoro, is i adore you.

updated FEB 25, 2010
edited by micaelaesawesomo
posted by micaelaesawesomo
"te adoro" is "I adore you", "me adoras" means "you adore me" - Gocika, FEB 25, 2010
TE quiero - Gocika, FEB 25, 2010
Thank you, I'm not great at Spanish yet!!! - micaelaesawesomo, FEB 25, 2010
Me neither! :) yw - Gocika, FEB 25, 2010
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