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Badges how many?


How many badges are there?

why are they so hard to get?

updated MAR 4, 2010
posted by kweezy93

3 Answers


There are many, many badges out there! Just participate a lot and don't worry about them! There are some that are really easy (like your first edit) and some that are a bit harder to earn, but if you just continue with the site, you'll earn some without realizing it.

updated JUN 14, 2010
posted by 2stephi

Just looking down the current page Issabela has 618 badges. They can't be too hard to get. Just participate and they will accumulate.

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by 0074b507
i kno - kweezy93, FEB 25, 2010
I can assure you Issabela doesn't "try" to earn badges. She just tries to contribute. I'll bet she doesn't know how many she has. - Goyo, FEB 25, 2010
yes she does - kweezy93, MAR 1, 2010

Are they? rolleyes

updated FEB 25, 2010
posted by Benz
yea - kweezy93, FEB 25, 2010
well... they'll come easier if you're not paying attention to them... :) - Benz, FEB 25, 2010
not really - kweezy93, FEB 25, 2010
Yes, really. - Goyo, FEB 25, 2010
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