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translate "yo si me enamore"


Lo intentamos pero no pudo funcionar yo hice las cosas mal yo si me enamore... me dijiste que no sentias nada por mi que si contigo dormi que lo olvides mejor que no te busque que no te llame que otra persona tiene la llave para entrar en tu vida

From Song ¿Lo Intentamos? Singer Espinoza Paz

updated FEB 24, 2010
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I looked up the lyrics, and the site that had them, had some misspellings and omitted accent marks. You have some too (sentías, dormí, mí, etc.). The reason that I looked it up is that I was wondering if that should be "yo sí me enamoré"

It makes it difficult to do translations when you can't trust the spellings. Is it busque (subjunctive) or busqué (preterite)? Is it llame (subjunctive) or llamé (preterite)?

If it is "yo sí me enamoré"

It probably means I indeed (truly) fell in love (enamorarse)

However if it's yo si me enamore (present subjunctive)

it probably mean "If I were to fall in love"

updated FEB 24, 2010
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