dormirme? help please

dormirme? help please


In the song 'Colgando en tus manos' is says words like dormirme and encontrarme but when i look up the verbs as in dormir: to sleep it does not have the conjugation of the verb dormir as dormirme.

Is this just me dormir ?


updated FEB 24, 2010
posted by katiesaurus89
Is not me dormir it is me dormi. - 00769608, FEB 24, 2010
ok sorry so does dormirme mean me dormi? - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010
you mispelled the word- the last r is not needed. - 00769608, FEB 24, 2010
me dormi,se durmio.ellos se durmieron - 00769608, FEB 24, 2010
yes i am sorry but what i was trying to ask is whether the word 'dormirme' is just a lazy way of saying me dormi? therefore the word is dormirme because it is just putting dormir + me together even though it is incorrect - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010

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More context -please.

updated FEB 24, 2010
posted by 00769608
http://www.lyricsmania.com/colgando_en_tus_manos_lyrics_carlos_baute.html - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010
first and third line - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010
I am not going to another site to find what you are wondering about. - 00769608, FEB 24, 2010
ok - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010
i will ask someone else, thanks for your time - katiesaurus89, FEB 24, 2010
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