What is Encantado de concerlo

What is Encantado de concerlo


What is Encantado de concerlo and how does ¨conerlo¨ ending change.

I think this may mean something like, "nice to meet you" but why can't you say "mucho gusto"?

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You can say "Mucho gusto" :) - ian-hill, FEB 23, 2010

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Encantado de conocerle = Delighted / Charmed to meet you.

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Sort of 'meet you' - charmed for sure! - conqueress, MAR 29, 2015

Nice to meet you. Quite the same as in French " enchanté de faire votre connaissance " it ends "encantado/a de conocerte" (familiar and young people, both genders) "encantado de conocerLE" (boy meets boy) encantada de conocerLA (girl meets girl) "me ha encantado conocerLO" (if you were pleased visiting for instance... Toledo.

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Actually the word Conocerlo - is quite lovely - you can only 'conocerlo' a human being - pets - do not qualify . . . and what I am doing on line does not qualify for 'conocerlo' or even talking on a telephone - reading about someone in a book - the ONLY qualifications for 'conocerlo' is experience - face to face - so to be intense on the meaning of 'encontado de conocerlo' is - literally - enchanted to begin to experience and know you as human being - conocerlo has Italian version and most likely a similar word in any Latin based languages. The intensity of the value meaning of 'conocerlo' in a time with so much interaction is shallow 'digital' - face to face - to me makes this word have amazing significance!

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Encantado de conocerle = Pleased to meet you.

o encantado de conocerte

= Pleased to meet you.

The ending changes because you are using the expresssion when talking to different people in each context.


You would say the words in the first example when meeting/being introduced to/ talking to stangers, older people and people in authority such as teachers, police officers, new employers, judges (but not in court!) for the first time etc ...

You would use the words in the second example when talking to children, teenagers/young people.

I have observed that Spaniards often simply say 'encantado' in less formal settings such as a hotel foyer, the street

In Latin America (South and Central America ) they often say:

Mucho gusto = Pleased to meet you!

I have heard both used in Spain, but Much gusto was used in response:

1st person: ¡Encantado! (de conocerle)

2nd person: ¡Mucho gusto! / igualmente (The same to you)

The French equivalent is:

Enchanté de faire votre connaissance.

The Italians say:

Piacere di conoscerla

I hope this helpssmile

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