Are there different types of Spanish?

Are there different types of Spanish?


I mean different dialects? does some one from mexico speak the same spanish as someone in cuba?

updated FEB 22, 2010
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posted by cvilletradeday
contrast English English with Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Australian and Canadian and USA English with their own idiosyncrasies pronunciations and dialect words with Spanish both within Spain and abroad and you have the answer. Yes there are differences but - lagartijaverde, FEB 22, 2010
if you learn Spanish wherever, it'll work - lagartijaverde, FEB 22, 2010
Were it possible to vote for a comment (which it isn't), Birdland, I would vote for yours. - samdie, FEB 22, 2010
Not only Spain/Mexico but various regions of Spain or of Mexico. - samdie, FEB 22, 2010
Samdie, did you use the fearsome subjunctive in English? jaja - CalvoViejo, FEB 22, 2010

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Many different dialects, different versions of the language, the dialects can differ from town-to-town, country to country, very much like English.

updated FEB 22, 2010
posted by adrob76
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