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what does this mean in spanish to english?


porque por mp?

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by catdog2009

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¿por qué por mensaje privado?

¿why pm?

updated FEB 23, 2010
posted by mediterrunio
Perhaps :) - Fidalgo, FEB 23, 2010
yes, just perhaps, lol. Nut as nobody guesses and catdog does not give us context... let´s guess together! - mediterrunio, FEB 23, 2010

Can you give us some context? As it is, it doesn't mean anything.

updated FEB 22, 2010
posted by CalvoViejo

I think I can shed some light on this. Here is what I think has happened.

Catalog2009 sent a private message to someone asking for a translation from Spanish to English because Catalog2009 is either just learning or beginning to learn Spanish or has a Spanish speaking friend with whom he or she is hoping to communicate.

That someone, however, found it strange that the question should be posed in a private message and replied asking Catalog2009 "why a private message" (the subject of this thread)

Catalog2009, however, does not understand Spanish and hence...this thread,

If I am correct, we can attribute this to the many hours I have spent struggling with Barcelona's most famous detective, Pepe Carvahlo. I am still only on capítulo nueve! Still having fun with it even though each five minute chapter takes me about five days ...one took five weeks....to get through.

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by Janice
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