Omission of Def/Indef Articles

Omission of Def/Indef Articles


There are many instances where Spanish and English omits the use of definite and indefinite articles, but sometimes they are different.

For example, when there is more than one noun:

I bought the house and chair. Compro la casa y la silla.

Other instances include before plural subjects:

Science fiction books are my favorite. Los libros de ciencia ficción son mis favoritos.

How about before a preposition?

To talk about school Charlar sobre la escuela

What are some additional differences in the daily construction of sentences between Spanish and English? (I'm not talking about the exceptions like proverbs and such.) Thanks in advance.

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Most of definite article ommisions are correct in the following cases:

1 - In proverbs: Yerba mala, nunca muere.

2 - Wth abstract or uncountable nouns: Me despertó confianza.

3 - With nouns determined by other determinatives: Vendió su casa.

4 - With nouns in plural: Llevaremos regalos para todos.

5 - When using nouuns in a metaliguistic way: Democracia es una palabra de origen griego.

6 - In some fixed phrases: tener envidia; dar lástima

7 - With names in singular: Llegó Teresa. (in this case, there are a lot of exceptions, anyway)

8 - With nouns referring to continents, countries, regions and cities: Francia está en Europa pero París no está en Normandía. (again, there are some exceptions: Vive en la Patagonia., el Reino Unido)

9 - With coordinated nouns in singular form: Madre e hija son sordas.

10 - With nouns in singular when representing a class or group: Busco carpintero.

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