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Please help me with esdrujulas and sobredrujulas.


I am working on Lesson 4.10 and would like to see some examples of these long words and where the tildes are placed. THANK YOU.

updated FEB 20, 2010
posted by Ruth-Bishop

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alt text Ruth-Bishop:

I hope you have already become familiar with the reference pages here at SpanishDict. I can see you have been very diligent in the lessons offerred. There are 2 reference pages that should be a help to you in this question.

The first one is here ----> Syllable stress and deals directly with the subject of your question.

The second reference is here ----> Accent/Tilde marks and deals with where to place the necessary accent marks in the kinds of words you are asking about.

I hope these reference are a big help to you and that I am not just pointing you to something you have already read and reviewed.

Best regards,


updated FEB 20, 2010
posted by Moe
Thanks Moe. I did look at those in Reference, but was still confused as to where to put the tildes if I were writing. Are they both always third or fourth respectively? - Ruth-Bishop, FEB 20, 2010

you have esdrújulas. (3rd syllable from the right)

So, esdiatelo (sobresdrújula) (4th syllable from the right)

updated FEB 20, 2010
posted by mediterrunio
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