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When I tell someone to be careful, do I say cuidado or ten cuidado? or maybe tenga cuidado? Could someone please put these into phrases for me? Thanks grin

updated JUL 31, 2017
posted by 0021954c

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Por favor, tenga cuidado (meaning usted - more formal)

Ten cuidado por favor (meaning you - more familiar a knkurz said)

Ciudado!!! suppose someone didn't see a step and is going to fall down, so you shout...

updated JUL 31, 2017
posted by Benz
lol - GeniusS, FEB 18, 2010
Thanks Benz, this is a big help. There are some spanish speaking at my work, and I think they are trying to confuse me. And may I say , that is not very hard to do when it comes to learning something new. - 0021954c, FEB 18, 2010
I understand... :) - Benz, FEB 18, 2010

I would say "ten cuidado" if I were familiar with them - informal command smile

updated JUL 31, 2017
posted by knkurz
Thanks knkurz. - 0021954c, FEB 18, 2010

what does tenga cuidado mean in English?

updated JUL 31, 2017
posted by emserlit
tenga is the imperative (command) form of tener..."have care" or less literally - "take care/be careful". - DR1960, ABR 15, 2010
clarification - you (formal) imperative... - DR1960, ABR 15, 2010

More often than not, I think you would just say "cuidado", just as in English you would more likely just say "careful".

updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by DR1960
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