"Grifo" or "grifa"?

"Grifo" or "grifa"?


How do you say faucet... grifo? What is grifa then? I am not confident about the interpretation in the dictionary here. Can a faucet be "grifa?" I thought I heard "grifa" used differently than what I see here...

updated FEB 17, 2010
posted by pilipina
Also, if grifo is where the water comes out, what's the best way to say "knobs", like the handles to turn the faucet on and off? - pilipina, FEB 17, 2010
hmmm well to refer to the things that open the tap, we call it "llave de paso". - Zizoun, FEB 17, 2010

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Grifo is the water tap where the water comes out in the bathroom or your kitchen. Grifo

Grifa is the kind of special tool that is used in plumbing to fix the entrance and the exit of the water pipes. La llave grifa

updated FEB 17, 2010
edited by Zizoun
posted by Zizoun
Wow, that's quite a distinction, thanks. - pilipina, FEB 17, 2010
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