I Love You.

I Love You.


In My family I sometimes say I love you. I want to say that phrase to them with out it sounding wrong in the since of me saying this to my wife. (I'm not married). raspberry

updated FEB 17, 2010
posted by 00d91873
please read my answer - LolaLipstheFish, FEB 16, 2010

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Te quiero papá - for your father

Te amo mamá - for your mother

Te amo hija - for your daughter

Te amo hijo - for your son

Te quiero abuelo - for your grandfather

Te quiero abuela - for your grandmother

Te quiero tío - for your uncle

Te quiero tía - for your aunt

Te amo primo - for your cousin

Te quiero hermano - for your brother

Te amo hermana - for your sister

Te amo al prójimo - for your neighbor

Te amo mujer - for your wife

Te amo novia - for your girlfriend

You happened to say you weren't married.....here is a helpful little sentence that is accompanied by a ring----

¿Quieres casarte conmigo? Will you marry me?

updated FEB 17, 2010
posted by LolaLipstheFish

"Te amo" is has a stronger meaning than "Te quiero". You can say both to your family. It's up to you but I wouldn't say te amo to my cousin as lola suggested...


I say te amo to my wife/husband, kids, my mom and dad. For the rest of the family, friends, neighbor, etc. I say te quiero smile

updated FEB 17, 2010
posted by Benz
u dnt like mi answer???? - LolaLipstheFish, FEB 16, 2010
I never said I didn't like your answer Lola... I just said I wouldn't say "te amo" to my cousin... I also said it's up to him... according to what he feels :) - Benz, FEB 16, 2010
i was joking:) lol srry - LolaLipstheFish, FEB 16, 2010
That's ok - Benz, FEB 16, 2010
:D - LolaLipstheFish, FEB 17, 2010
updated FEB 16, 2010
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