I answer in Spanish ,marked wrong, should be in English, Why??"

I answer in Spanish ,marked wrong, should be in English, Why??"


I have entered Fruits/vegetables, 4 times , each time 4 answers were marked wrong , they gave the right answers as being in English , Que passa guys? rolleyes

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Hi Ray, I've noticed quite a few oddnesses in flashcards as well.

Some of the flashcards also don't show images or the spoken bits sometimes remain silent.

An example is "La fecha y la hora" set where the image and sound for 9 o'clock for example neither gives the image or the sound. Furthermore, the answer is

"Las Nuevo" huh??? Las Nueve surely?

On the other hand I still find them very useful just a bit flaky grin

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Muchas gracias, yo no soy el hombre stupido, es a relief! - ray76, FEB 16, 2010

Ray, to have a look at this, I need a link to the flashcard set.

Please don¡t double post!

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Lo siento! I was frustrated and confused, apparently it is a common problem, forgive m por favor. - ray76, FEB 16, 2010
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