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In spanish culture, what do they symbolize?


What do the following symbolize in spanish culture?

  • Horses -Horseshoes
  • Glasses
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Rooster/Chicken

It is thought that horse shoes are lucky and glasses symbolize intelligence and the other animals have their own meaning in zodiacs but I'm interested in what they mean in Spanish culture.

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You mean glasses like anteojos, not like copas, right? In other words, spectacles? - Lrtward, FEB 15, 2010

2 Answers


Horseshoes bring luck when hanged above your front door.

Horses don´t. smile

Roosters symbolize fertility, pride (like in France), bravery.

Glasses symbolize inteligence, intelectuality.

Lighting bolt symbolizes power, energy.

Pretty much like in other cultures because symbols trascend linguistic or geographical boundaries with amazing easiness.

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Also if possible, please refer me to any website that you think would be helpful. grin

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