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Imperfect or Preterite?


I am trying to translate "He was washing his hands when she entered the bathroom",

I have translated it into "él estaba lavandose los manos cuando ella entró el baño".

Is this correct, to use imperfect and then preterite? Or should it the verb "entrar" be in the imperfect form as well? I can't remember.

¿Puede ayudarme?

updated FEB 25, 2012
posted by ysolotu10

1 Answer


él estaba lavándose las manos cuando ella entró en el baño".

Very nice post, welcome to the forumgrin

Your sentence was almost perfectwink

updated FEB 25, 2012
posted by 00494d19
Thank you! =) - ysolotu10, FEB 15, 2010
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