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How would I say: "I am a fly fisherman?"


In Spanish, how would I describe myself as a fly fisherman when I'm searching for a fishing guide to Bone Fish in the Caribbean?

updated FEB 14, 2010
posted by RileyErnst

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Hi Riley...If no one has already done so, let me take this time to welcome you to the forum. Regarding your question, you might try something such as

Soy pescador de mosca - I am a fly fisherman

Quiero ir a pescar con mosca - I want to go fly fishing

I have also seen fly-fishing referred to using the term "cola de rata" (rat's tail) rather than "mosca" (fly) and is likely just a regional variation (i.e. pescar con mosca vs. pescar con cola de rata)

In any event, I hope that this answers your question, and I hope to see around the forum. grin

By the way, you might also be interested in this link which briefly describes the sport (in Spanish). The relevant passage is about halfway down the page under item VII. historia

updated FEB 14, 2010
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posted by Izanoni1
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