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Estar + listo/a Ser + listo/a & imperfect subjunctive


Hi everyone,

Is this right?

Estuviera lista me pondría el abrigo Fuera lista iraís a la universidad

Just trying to get the hang of imperfect subjective & conditional

Thanks Ep.

updated FEB 15, 2010
posted by 0074d657

1 Answer


Do you mean "irías" as the last verb?

Maybe a native speaker will say otherwise, but it seems those sentences would be better with "Si" (if") in them. It also seems like when the "if-clause" comes first, you need a comma before the second half of the sentence.

Si estuviera lista, me pondría el abrigo // Si fuera lista, irías a la universidad


Me pondría el abrigo si estuviera lista // Irías la universidad si fuera lista

The second sentences seems a little strange, though....

Si fuera lista, irías a la universidad

...because the subject is different for each verb so it's hard to see why the outcome depends on the if-clause.

updated FEB 15, 2010
edited by Luciente
posted by Luciente
Yes, you are right, the question is strange as I can the wrong ending, but thank you for your responses. Ep - 0074d657, FEB 15, 2010
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