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My ex Mother - in Law used to use a word that is a derragatory insult and it sounded something like See - ber - Guenca. Can you help me figure out what it is and how it is spelled. Iam using it in a narrative . Thank You !

updated FEB 14, 2010
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sinverguensa meaning shamless-without shame-brazen

here is the correct spelling,sinvergüenza

by the way have you heard the song "mother in law " by Ernie K Doe.

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I agree with Gus, but the word correctly written is: Sinvergüenza.

The diéresis on the u is used to indicate that you DO pronounce the u, when speaking.

Remember the sound of "gue" and "gui", the "u" is omitted in the pronunciation, but if a diéresis is on the u (ü), then it's not omitted.

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buen or bueno

buen ...buen varon buen hombre buen pastor

buen del latin bonus

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