What is the value of foreign language study ?

What is the value of foreign language study ?


important Information about foreign language study . Why shold i be interested in foreign language ?

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by Shelly_18

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[1] It helps to understand foreign cultures

[2] One extra language can give you access to thousands of books, music, arts

[3] The feeling of Diversity: The understanding that different people/ culture express the same idea in different ways; the usage of words indicate the importance of things; the level of formality, the behavioral richness.

[4] Make new friends smile

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by Partho
I agree - estoy en acuerdo. - ian-hill, FEB 12, 2010

Hi Shelly

Welcome to SpanishDict.

You ask why learn a foreign language.

Well, there are many reasons and members here are going to tell you.

I would like to say that learning another language, like learning music, will help you understand you own first language better AND help you learn other things as well and understand yourself better.

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by ian-hill

Had you been fortunate enough to have been born in the 11th/12th century this sort of question would never have been a problem. Not only would you not have been encouraged to learn a foreign language, it almost certainly would have been of no pratical benefit since you would never have had occasion to meet a foreigner. Even more fortunate, you would not have needed to learn to read/write your own language; you would not have needed to study geography (you would have spent your entire life in the village in which you were born); no one would have suggested that you learn mathematics, chemistry, physics, music, art, since your entire life would have been spent doing whatever your (mother, in your case) had done.

Even today, if your appearance allows you to attract a husband and you can provide him with (and care for his) sons (the occasional daughter may be tolerated there is more economic advantage to having sons), you probably don't need to learn anything except to cook, clean and change nappies.

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by samdie

As well as what has already been posted, I have found value in studying a foreign language in the improvement of my English grammar and vocabulary.

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by aloshek
Excellent point! My English spelling is not great, so many times the spelling of the equivalent in Spanish helps me decide upon the English spelling. - 005faa61, FEB 12, 2010
English spelling is a complete mess - no logic to it at all. - ian-hill, FEB 12, 2010
I agree. Learning spanish helps out a lot with my english. - paytonhansen, FEB 12, 2010
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