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when do you use the double L when spelling or using a word?


for instance is it llora or lora for the word cry.

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Several years ago, the "L" and the "LL" were considered different letters in the alphabet. That was changed by the RAE, and now there is only one letter, but they still act as if they were different. In your example, "llora" is a conjugated form of "llorar" (to cry). "Lora" is a female parrot, There is only one way to spell "llorar". If you replace the "LL" in a word, it will become a different word, or not be a word at all.

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Thank you for answering my questions...it is very much apprieciated. =^_^= Muncha Gracias - Phatkitkat, FEB 12, 2010

You use it when the word is spelled with the letter ll. There is no grammatical rule for doubling the "l" after or before such and such, if that is what you are asking. The double ll (elle) and double rr (erre doble) were considered separate letters of the Spanish alphabet when I was in school. I believe that has now changed to where they are just considered doubled letters as they are in English. (It makes finding words in the dictionary much easier. For example, all of the words with ch used to come after all the c? words in the dictionary, since ch (che) was considered it's own letter following c (ce). It was very confusing.)

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Thank you...and yes it is very confusing at times...=^_^= - Phatkitkat, FEB 12, 2010
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