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What does 'ginesta' mean?


I looked it up in the dictionary here, but it isn't listed. My teacher wants me to define it in Spanish, but I don't know what the word means. :/
The word is 'la ginesta' and it is part of our Act 1 vocabulary for La Dama del Alba.

updated MAR 5, 2010
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Oh wow, thank you SO much!!! :) - xoxsarasxox, FEB 11, 2010
No, that is perfect! I couldn't find it in the dictionary so I had thought it was a misspelling. But this makes sense, because we have a lot of plant vocabulary words. It is La Dama del Alba by Alejandro Casona. :) Hope you enjoy it! - xoxsarasxox, FEB 11, 2010
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