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El Departament de pobres y ausentes... or inocentes?


![alt text][1]I believe this is a sect of government in hispanic countries. What does it mean, and what is the American equivalent. What is their mission?

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by pilipina
Does anyone know which combination of the words is the correct combo above? - pilipina, FEB 12, 2010

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"Public Defender"


Corresponde al Defensor asesorar, representar y defender gratuitamente a las personas que carezcan de recursos suficientes para hacer valer sus derechos en juicio. Estará a su cargo la gestión necesaria para obtener las cartas de pobreza y de poder en la forma prescripta legalmente.



Official Counsel for Indigent and Absentees.

Según Pat Mazzucco en su diccionario de Terminología Jurídica.

updated FEB 12, 2010
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posted by Benz
In Argentina is called "Oficial de oficio". In Canada is called "Legal Aid Attorney" - Benz, FEB 11, 2010

Interesting, I did not know this even existed. It seems to be an organism in Argentina, in Spain I have not heard of it.

updated FEB 11, 2010
posted by 00494d19
Me neither. I'll check it out - Benz, FEB 11, 2010
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