the languages in numbers. Los idiomas en números.


Did you know?

Chinese is the number one language spoken in the world? 1.5 billion.

Spanish, as a first language, is the second most spoken language in the world with 425 million speakers.

English as a first language is third, with 400 million, but it is spoken by 1.3 Billion as second and first language.

Spanish is spoken by 512 million as first and second language.

So, here is the cool part. If you spoke both languages,English and Spanish, you can communicate with almost 2 billion people in this planet. More than Chinese! It is almost 35% of the planet population. (this is my own theory, need to be verified)

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Spanish, as a first language, is the second most spoken language in the world...
¡Qué interesante!
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oh one more curious thing: Spanish is spoken as a first language in USA for 52 million people while in Spain only 42 million does. shock

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¡Qué cosa!

Awesome point juluque! That is yet another motivation for me to learn even faster!

Another reason to learn the language: Once you have learned the language well enough to speak it, you discover how amazing and welcoming spanish speakers are! To not speak the language is to miss out on getting to know one of the most hospitable cultures on the planet......

Buen Hilo, juluque!

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