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Hi, I'm trying to translate the following phrases numbered in the list below from a colleague, Sr. Olga, in Zacapu Michoacan.

We started the formal classes with 40 students and offer curriculum for five different career choices: 1. Derecho (Law?) 2. Comercio International (International Trade?) 3. Mercadotechia y VEntas (Sales?) 4. Gestion Empresarial 5. Informatica administrative (Administration?)** We have five teachers working with us and the classes are only on Saturdays for now. That is the way we can continue with our regular weekly activities in our social center, which... This program will benefit the young people, our local community, and all the people they go on to help. We will start in March visiting the local high schools to promote the University in Zacapu and the different villages nearby so that we can enroll a new group of students in August.

Any help would sure be appreciated... Sending you peace, Jamey

updated FEB 10, 2010
posted by jameyfitzpatrick

2 Answers

  1. Derecho = Law

  2. Comercio International = International Trade

  3. Mercadotecnia y VEntas: Marketing

  4. Gestión Empresarial: Business Development

  5. Administración informática = Information Technology also known as IT

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y ventas - albert-fabrik-, FEB 10, 2010
Thank you so much! Have a great day and best wishes, Jamey - jameyfitzpatrick, FEB 10, 2010

Marketing and sales

updated FEB 10, 2010
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Thanks, I really appreciate the help. Have a good one, Jamey - jameyfitzpatrick, FEB 10, 2010
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