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el verbo 'incluir'


If I'm trying to say "Without water, we could have many problems--including droughts." Is 'incluir' conjuguated as 'incluya' or 'incluyan'?

updated FEB 9, 2010
posted by piano123

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My take is that "incluyan" would be used for "include" and "incluyendo" for including.

Sin agua podríamos tener muchos problemas incluyendo sequías.

Edit: I am not a native though so I hope that my answer is right, but don't take it as gospel yet. Thanks.

updated FEB 9, 2010
edited by jeezzle
posted by jeezzle
that makes sense--thank you - piano123, FEB 9, 2010
99% Jeezzle. Muchos problemas. - CalvoViejo, FEB 9, 2010
Asi es, tienes razón. - jeezzle, FEB 9, 2010
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