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What is the story behind "El Amaranto?"


In class we read a brief desrciption about el amaranto. It seemed interesting but their wasn't much there. The piece also was dated. I would like to learn more and hear what someone out there has to say. thanks

updated FEB 10, 2010
posted by jdizzle74

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¡Hola!, JDizzle:

This looks like your first question here in the Forum @ SpanishDict.com. Welcome to the forum. When I looked at your profile page, I could see that you have done some of the lessons. Good for you and I hope you do more of them and enjoy this web site for all it's worth.

I did a Google search for "El Amaranto" and came up with this URL that might be helpful to you: ----> Amaranth. If anyone would like to see this in Spanish, it is found here ----> Los Amarantos. I sure hope this is what you were asking about. Often, a Google search before asking a question will get the information you need sooner than asking a question. If you use the Wikepedia URLs, you'll notice down the left side of the page that the articles are often available in several different languages. What a bonus!

I also found your profile page interesting because your question says you read about el amaranto in class. I thought this was interesting relative to your profile page age statement. It looked to me like you are an adult student.

This raises another idea. Let me ask you to please fill out your profile more completely. Follow this link and read it over ----> Profile Information. It's a big help when you tell us something about yourself and I promise, we'll respect you that much more for doing it.

I hope you enjoy all the time you spend with us whether it is doing lessons, participating in the forum or working through all the flip cards. Those of us who like this site are really addicted to it. And, it's not even a sin.

Best regards,


updated FEB 10, 2010
posted by Moe
gracias Moe!! - jdizzle74, FEB 10, 2010
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