Can anybody translate the lyrics for me .. Alejandra Guzman.. Mala Hierba


Poco a poco consegui fijar tu atencion en mi a que esperas por favor ven aqui

Algo noto raro estas de mi te han hablado mal y es que nunca entenderan a una mujer de verdad (corosmile Dicen que soy un desastre total que soy mala hierba que tras de mi no deje piedra sobre piedra ven atrevete, oh

Y quisas tengan razon que me puede el corazon si vas tras de algo especial no te arrepentiras

updated FEB 9, 2010
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Little by little I've gotten you to put your attention on me. What are you waiting for? Please, come here.

Something strange I've noticed, they have talked badly of me to you and it's that they'll never really understand a woman. They say that I'm a total disaster that I'm a weed that behind me everything falls apart (stone is not left on stone). Come here. Dare.

And perhaps they are right that my heart is stronger than me. If you go after something special you won't regret it.

updated FEB 9, 2010
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Wow, thank you so much... You saved me hours of pointless internet searches :))))