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sentences illustrating the use of "ser"


I am in spanish 1 and i need example sentences of how to use the uses of "ser" i am confused. can someone please help me?

updated FEB 8, 2010
posted by mel1019

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Hi and welcome to the forum Mel,

I am sending a reference link from this site, which explains ser/estar.ser and estar

I would also suggest that you watch the Learn Spanish Video 1,11, which also gives an excellent explanation.

Buena suerte,


updated FEB 8, 2010
posted by Nicole-B
thank you soooo much! this cit is very very helpful. I am taking spanish 1 online and its not as easy as i thought. I cant drop it or i will lose my financial aide and my mom will not be happy with me. My friend just told me about this cite. I - mel1019, FEB 8, 2010
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